The Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy (District) was established in 1935 by the Salt Lake City Commission. Salt Lake City is the founding member and Sandy City joined the District in 1990. The District's primary function is to create a firm water supply for its member cities. The District also provides water to others on a surplus basis.

The District is citizen-administered through a Board of Trustees comprised of seven board members who serve four year terms. Five of the Trustees are appointed by Salt Lake City Council and two Trustees are appointed by Sandy City Council.

The District receives water supply from Little Cottonwood Canyon, Bell Canyon, the Provo River Project, the Ontario Drain Tunnel, Little Dell Reservoir, and the Central Utah Project. Through the Provo River Project, the District is a shareholder of the Provo River Water Users Association. The Provo River Project includes the Salt Lake Aqueduct, Deer Creek Dam, Provo Reservoir Canal, and the Tranbasin Diversions. The Central Utah Project includes Jordanelle Reservoir, Jordan Aqueduct, and the Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant.

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